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Conscientious, service oriented set up.

Travel 4 Treatments is dedicated to offering a full range of affordable, world-class medical services to clients travelling to India from overseas. We only select partners whom are recognised for reaching and maintaining the highest standards of medical service.

Our aim is to provide you with a complete medical tailored to your needs with just the click of a button.

To give you the maximum flexibility we're partnering with health-care providers like in United States, United Kingdom, South Africa and the Middle East.

Our Associates

Travel4treatments have carefully selected some of the biggest, most well known healthcare service providers to work with. It means we can offer the highest standards of healthcare - highly experienced medical professionals, state of the art equipment, and professional service and comfort.

To help overcome any anxiety you might feel, we maintain in very close contact the doctors and health care professionals we work with to ensure that all of the questions you have are answered clearly and swiftly.

We arrange and facilitate your travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and all other services that you may require to ensure your travel is completely stress free. We'll be there for you through your stay up and until you've safely returned to your home.

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