World-class treatment

Preliminary inquiry form

First please send us the completed inquiry form. Travel4treatments take detailed notes to understand your exact needs. On receiving your inquiry, we request further personal information required by the medical service provider.MRIs, X-rays, CT Scans, medical history , prescriptions and photos may also be required for further study of your health condition.


Detailed query

Based on this we may ask additional questions for better understanding of your requirements. Questions will revolve around restrictions and special requirements, allergies, your psychological & emotional condition, expectations, apprehensions, financial outlay, anticipated timeline and so on.

Thorough research

As per your condition and the information obtained, Travel4treatments conduct thorough research and provide you with a list of recommended medical service providers with their detailed information.


Estimated quotation

Taking into account your requirements and expectations, we'll present you with a quotation for your travel and medical treatment.


Tourism guide

According to your expressed interest,Travel4treatments provide consultancy about different options available in exploring the Incredible India and make all necessary arrangements to make travel to a relaxing destination easy.


We'll address you final queries you may have and based on your acceptance, finalize an agreement. We agree upon a mode of payment that is mutually acceptable and complete other formalities. With an agreement made we;ll immediately move forward with the process.


Travel arrangements

Travel4treatments help you with all of the ticketing visa requirements for your travel to India. Taking into account the recovery period and the tour period, we will send you a final itinerary.



On receipt of final itinerary from us we request you to make a payment to us to finalise all arrangements.

Date confirmation & arrival arrangement

Upon confirmation of all dates, we make arrangements to receive you at the destineation airport and make transfers to the hotel/hospital. We assist you with the hotel check-in procedure and provide translation services as required.


Medicine guide

On the stipulated dates, we walk you through the entire process of treatment, medicine and other requirements you need to know about.

Tour & departure arrangements

Upon recovery we facilitate the India tour and make any additional arrangements necessary for a wonderful vacation. As per the planned dates, we will provide a transfer service to the airport and make sure you are safely and comfortably on your way back home.


Follow up

After you've arrived home, we'll follow up with you to check you are well on your way to a full recovery.