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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries & Transplants

Travel 4 treatments facilitate plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries with specialist hospitals having a team of highly experienced plastic surgeons so you have the best possible care at an affordable price.

Travel 4 treatments also facilitate treatment with clinics specialized in eye surgery, dental treatment and hair transplants. These procedures are relatively simplestraightforward requiring consultations lasting just a few hours very cost effective, which makes travelling for these treatments particularly worthwhile.

We normally make a package deal for you where you take a vacation as well as get duresreceive treatment in a safe and professional environment.

Hip and Knee Replacements

Hip/Knee replacement

Travel 4 treatments facilitate hip and knee replacement surgeries for clients looking for world-class treatment for a fraction of the cost compared to any other developed countries. We work with hospitals that are equipped with the latest technology. Your surgery will be carried out by orthopedic surgeons, who are internationally acclaimed in knee and hip replacement surgery.

Clients will be given pre- and post- surgical support. Included in your complete care package will be support from highly experienced physiotherapists and occupational therapists providing in- and out-patient care as well as domiciliary care.

Spinal and Neurology
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Urology & Nephrology
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Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Therapies

Ayurvedic treatments are increasingly sought after for a variety of chronic conditions.

Ayurveda and Yoga have seen a resurgence in recent years because they are considered natural and safe. We have partnered with some of the very best in this field of ancient medicine. These facilities are mostly found in Kerala state. We have carefully selected providers with an excellent reputation, modern facilities and experience in treating Western patients. If you are looking for Ayurvedic or Yoga treatments, you can't beat these facilities in terms of expertise, resources and price. These are simply the best in the world. Our contracts with these centres ensure that you will have a positive experience.

Ayurvedic treatments use a natural approache to heal your body and soul. Ayurvedic doctors use a combination of herbs, diet, therapeutic massages and meditation. The herbal medications are prepared on the premises and are often especially made for you. Every patient is treated as a whole- not just the symptoms. These facilities are often located in pristine, rural surroundings.

These treatments are gaining a newfound popularity and are attracting patients from throughout the world- for a good reason. Many patients experience such beneficial and even life changing effects that they refer their friends and family.